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100% of funds received from donations go directly to the cause they you have donated.

Donations to Finish Strong are tax deductible. (always check with your tax preparer)

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For more information about the causes Finish Strong supports or if you would like for Finish Strong to consider your cause, please contact us at


Where Does Your Donation Go?

Finish Strong is a 501c3 public charity who's mission statement is to spread the Word of Christ through our sport.  


100% of the donations received go directly to support the specific cause you have donated. 


For 2017, Finish Strong is partnering with several charitable organizations helping raise funds for specific needs within their organization. Our athletes also volunteer their personal time to help in local community projects such as mentoring to our youth, and helping facilitate Finish Strong charity cycling events.   

Below are the causes Finish Strong is supporting:

  • Fundraising for men and women to attend ministry events
  • Partnering with 516now a local non-profit 501c3 with the Bikes For Nicaragua mission trip.
  • Scholarship Fund that will be available to help look for opportunities to invite people to join our team and not have the cost be a deterrent to them. We pray that The Lord will bless this opportunity to minister to others and expand our mission field. 



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