Legacy Bike Club

Help Finish Strong support the Legacy Bike Club by raising funds to provide bicycles for this start up bicycle club.

100% of the funds raised will go directly to this cause. Any amount will help us reach our goal and your donation is tax deductible. (always consult a tax professional)

Who knows but that next life you change maybe your own...

More Info:

For more information or if you would like to get involved with the Legacy Bike Club, please contact us at info@finish-strong.org.

Legacy Bike Club

Greenville SC

The Legacy Bike Club is a group mentoring program for middle school kids who need extra support in their lives to set and reach their life goals. Targeted kids have an "accumulation of risk" with multiple risk factors that occur in their families and communities. 

Risks includes:

  • Living in persistent poverty
  • Instability in caregiving arrangements
  • Multiple moves to new homes
  • Parental risk factors (e.g., mental health problems, substance abuse, incarceration, ongoing criminal activity)
  • Exposure to traumatic events
  • Lack of parental role models

Two primary goals:

  • Establish group mentoring opportunities using principles of positive youth development
  • Experience the benefits of physical fitness through cycling, as well as exposure to healthy nutrition

History & Vision

In 2010, the first bike club was created in the Sterling community. Today, there are now 5 bike clubs (Sterling, Nicholtown, Berea, Lakeview and Challenge) serving over 45 young people.

Bike club members displaying loyalty to the group and remaining out of trouble in school and his or her community will be rewarded with ownership of their bike at the end of the year. 

Success Stories from similar local bike clubs:

Antonio - father incarcerated, under DJJ supervision, mother has multiple mental health diagnoses. He is now on his high school honor roll. 

Brittney - both parents incarcerated, low self-esteem, obesity. She has lost 41 pounds and wants to be an aeronautical engineer. 

Other Opportunities to serve Legacy Bike Club:

  • Become a bike club mentor: meet for a bike ride once a week or 2x's a month for approximately 1.5 hours
  • Provide one-off investments: bike skills training, host a tour at your company, help with a special event
  • Recruit your company to provide corporate support of mentors and funding
  • Other? You name it; Legacy is open!



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