What do you risk in witnessing?

What do you risk in witnessing? 

by: Vince Schmidt

Rejection…persecution? Not often will sharing the gospel send us to jail as it did Peter and John (Acts 4:2-3). We maybe willing to spend a night in jail if it would bring 5,000 people to Christ. Whatever the risks, realize that nothing done for God is ever wasted. 

The council asked Peter and John by what power they had healed the man (Acts 3:6-7) and by what authority they preached (Acts 3:12-26). Peter spoke boldly before the council, actually putting the council on trial by showing them that the One they crucified had risen again. Peter said that the Jews rejected Jesus, but now Christ has become the capstone of the church. Without him there would be no church, because it would not stand. 

Knowing that Peter and John were unschooled, the council was amazed at what being with Jesus had done for them (Acts 4:13). A changed life convinces people of Christ's power. One of your greatest testimonies is the difference others see in your life and attitudes since you have believed in Christ. 

Don't be surprised if some people reject you and your positive witness for Christ. When minds are closed, even the clearest presentation of the facts can't open them. Don't give up! Pray for those people and continue to spread the gospel. If your courage to witness for God has weakened, pray that your boldness may increase. Jesus promised, "Whoever acknowledges me before men, I will also acknowledge him before my Father in heaven" (Matthew 10:32). 

How do you gain boldness?

  1. Pray for the power of the Holy Spirit to give you courage.
  2. Look for opportunities in your family and neighborhood to talk about Christ.
  3. Realize that rejection, social discomfort, and embarrassment are not necessarily persecution. 
  4. Start where you are by being bolder in small ways. 

Information for this post was gathered from the Life Application Study Bible (NIV)

Vince Schmidt
Vince Schmidt